How can we measure happiness

Happiness is an abstract entity. It cannot be seen, heard, smelt or touched, it however can only be felt by the heart and appreciate by the mind. Over the years, many people have attempted to measure this complex entity known as happiness and different people have their own set of measuring criteria.

To me, happiness is a perceived item. In other words, whether you are happy or not is all dependent on your own perception. If you think or perceive that you have achieved the state of happiness, you probably have if you manage to feel happy at heart and your mind can put you in a state of tranquillity, rising your spirits to match the ‘top of the world’!

Can happiness be measured in terms of the physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual or economical state of an individual? Is it transferrable or spreadable from one person to another? If achieved, what then is the objective or advantages of attaining the happiness state? Should happiness be made the goal of our life or even the basis of staying alive?

If we pose the above questions to ten persons, we probably will get ten different answers since it all depends on the perceptions of individuals. Then, is it fair for us to pass our judgements on other people’s opinion or perception of happiness? I personally think not.

I know of some people who use their economic state or their ability to make money to measure happiness. The more money they make, the happier they are. However, their riches may not include any spiritual or mental factors other than material pursuits just like the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” portrays. Hence, these people have perceived the ability to earn big bucks and enjoy life comfortably as happiness.

For others, the ability to give more to the community and society at large can bring happiness to them in addition to their own well-being. These people probably do not earn a lot of money but they have a lot of love to share with others. The sharing and the appreciation of others bring happiness to them.

In short, there is no one measuring standard for happiness. Happiness is in the hearts and minds of each and every individual and it is up to him or her to pursue and achieve it.

To me, happiness is the state at which the mind and body needs are both met and satisfied up to the comfort level felt by the heart. In other words, the body parts are working blissfully, the mind is churning out beautiful scenarios of life, the eyes see kind acts of mankind playing all the time, the ears hear calm and soothing ‘music’ of life and the heart is always beaming with love. Such is an ideal state of happiness I wish to pursue but have yet to achieve!


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