e-learning initiatives for Lifelong Learning

Life Long Learning

As more people come to realise the importance of lifelong learning and the greater role played by the world wide web on the lives of many, online learning or e-learning is undoubtedly recommended as one of the avenues to prompt more to learn.

In its first foray into e-learning, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) will be piloting 40 continuing education courses for adult educators starting from this year.

At the Adult Learning Symposium (ALS)’s opening ceremony, a synopsis of the sci-fi movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ was depicted to emphasize the need to learn and to stay ahead of the game. On continuing education and learning, the authorities stressed that as individuals, we grow as people only because we are always learning, and society offers vast opportunities to those who adjust, learn and embrace changes.

One of the key highlights in this year’s ALS is strengthening the CET infrastructure with technology and ensuring that our adult educators are technologically attuned. It cannot be over-emphasized that in the highly connected world we live in today, e-learning will become a staple that underpin our future CET framework.

The online courses introduced could last as short as three hours or as long as a couple of days. Participating trainers can choose from topics such as workplace literacy and instructional methods, all targeted at adult trainers to encourage them to go for continual learning.

The Manpower Ministry (MOM) announced the review of the continual education and training master plan last year and the outcomes are due in the later part of this year. He further emphasized that e-learning will be a key feature in the future continual education system here.

The Institute for Adult Learning under the WDA is setting up an online portal, LearningSpace.SG, for learners to search for and take e-courses developed by Singapore-based training providers. Another initiative in the pipeline is the setting up of an Innovation Lab (iN.LAB) at the Lifelong Learning Institute, for partners and trainers to collaborate and experiment on learning solutions.

Prior to this, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, WDA, has set up a “Learning Cafe” to promote lifelong learning among Singaporeans.

The “pop-up” cafe, first started in Raffles Place in April 2014, will not only be providing free coffee to walk-in guests, but also offer 17 bite-sized modules for those who’re interested in picking up new skills such as coffee brewing, digital art and customer service.

Passion is all it takes for one to start the initiative. Just a simple thing like drinking coffee which many of us does in our everyone life can be used as a start-up for something one is passionate about. That applies to many things that we do. Like, the learning cafe, it provides a first step for people to be curious, take a look, and realised that actually there are a lot of different things that we can do. This is something that we need to continue doing, whether in the form of learning cafe or other formats.”


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