Learning through Online Engagement

The world-wide web or Internet is a familiar channel for many people to obtain information, communicate, work, learn and play today. In fact, since the inception of the world wide web by the United States over five decades ago, its intrusion to human life has changed the way that many people work and learn now to the extension of excessive reliance on it for some cases.

Personally, I felt that one of the most valuable attributes of the internet is the speed at which people can obtain current and updated information at the shortest possible time. Before the advent of the internet, most of us relied on printed stuff like newspapers, magazines and books for information. However, information available on these printed materials are only accurate at the time of printing. To get an update on the materials, people need to wait for the next print or re-printed version. With the internet, information online can be updated immediately in minutes or even seconds.

Online engagement also provides people with a more interesting medium compared to dull, static printed information on paper. With exciting graphic stimulus and animated pictures and lively illustrations, reading online materials is also made more engaging than the conventional medium.

Another plus point is that access to materials on internet is often free of charge (apart from the data plan charges which is usually a fixed sum over a specific period of time). Moreover, more and more online businesses have mushroomed and such platforms are certainly more cost-effective than the conventional retail outlets which include rental as a fixed overhead notwithstanding the other business costs.

With more and more people going online, our mode of learning is also slowly moving into the electronic age as people now embrace e-learning over conventional learning as it eliminates the location constraints for the learners and trainers alike.  Training materials such as notes and videos can also be uploaded or downloaded online with ease.

Traditional textbooks in printed formats can now be replaced by eBooks and eReaders which is another advocate for nature’s preservers as they echoed the call to go green and save the trees by not having to print so many books.

Technological advancements in electronic gadgets and people’s general growing affluence to afford personal computers, tablets and smart phones are also contributory factors to the flourish of the internet.

In a nutshell, the internet enables us to learn on the spot, with the most updated information, with no distance and time constraints and at low or no costs are all evidences that online learning is the sure channel for us to stay connected, updated and active for many more years to come!


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