Good and Inspiring Teachers can propel us to learn better

Teaching is a profession that forms the foundation of all the other professions. Without the learning acquired from teachers, no one can be developed into respectable professionals like doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and many others.

Education can be a head game…an affair of the mind. But teaching is an affair of the heart. If you are like me, you probably can think of one or two teachers in your lifetime that have changed how you view yourself and the world, and thus, helped change your future. Those ‘magicians’ are the ones that challenge us; encourage us to dream and to achieve.

A good teacher is one who make his/her students learn spontaneously, unconsciously and willingly with no strings attached. Teaching that is done sincerely from the heart is able to touch the learners in a way that books cannot do in any way. Hence, a good teacher does play a critical role in a child’s learning journey.

A teacher not only teach and imparts skills and knowledge to the pupils, he/she also acts as a mentor and role model for the pupils.

In my opinion, there are three factors that make a good teacher who can effectively make a difference to a child’s learning.

First of all, we need to acknowledge that there is a difference between having the intellectual knowledge and being able to share or teach it so that students are able to benefit from that knowledge. Hence, a person with a high intellectual knowledge may not be a good teacher if he is unable to stand in front of a class and impart his intellectual knowledge effectively.

Secondly, a good teacher teaches with a heart. This essentially means that the teacher is able to see each student as an individual and not just one in a class of forty pupils. The teacher must be willing to make the extra effort to engage his students and ensure that every student in his class is able to “get it”. This may involve additional hours spent after class, over the weekend so as to ensure that those who might not grasp the essence of the lesson the first time would now fully comprehend the topic.

Thirdly, the teacher must be willing and able to introduce innovative and meaningful ways of teaching to engage his students and capture their attention at all times. Hence, the traditional “Ï talk, you listen” approach certainly needs some revamping. A good teacher needs to recognise that every student learn differently. Hence, he must be willing and able to invest time in exploring the answers to “how else can I teach so the students will learn and absorb the knowledge much more effectively.”

However, I do believe that some of the qualities of a good teacher are ‘ín-born’ while some are cultivated in the upbringing of the teacher himself. Besides, a passion to teach can also make a great difference to the effectiveness of the teacher.

In a nutshell, to be a good teacher, one has to have the aptitude, passion and love for teaching and keen in children development. Any teacher who is lacking in any one these attributes can make a lot of differences to a child’s learning process.

I am especially grateful that my son has a few very dedicated teachers who really spend a lot of time and effort to prepare him for the coming PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) exams.

Let us all pay tributes to our teachers who have once imparted their knowledge and skills to us with all their hearts and soul which makes us the useful individuals we are today!



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