Learning enriches lives

Learning starts the moment we are born and continues till the end of our lives. In fact, it has become an integral part of modern living and can definitely enrich our lives.

As a young new-born baby, one learns to eat, learns motor skills to move our limbs and body, learns to respond to the environment we live in and the people around us. These are essential skills that many of us learn through our five senses without even realising it!

The day-to-day interactions of these youngsters with their parents, family members and/or other care-givers also provides great opportunities for the young inquisitive minds to prosper to new heights. Family values such as love, care, courtesy, tolerance, passion and kindness are passed on through learning at this phase.

The next phase of learning in our lives takes place through childhood play.  Through the games and activities we have engaged in our childhood, we learn soft skills through our interactions with others and how to live harmoniously with people in the same community and later on in society at large.

When we enter the formal education system to start learning intellectually by acquiring knowledge from books and teachers in school, our learning takes off to a higher level. Here, our learning is further divided into the various subjects we take in school. These include languages, mathematics, science, art, history, geography and economics. Along with this broad-based learning, various certifications will be issued as évidence’ of that learning to mark each milestone in the learning process.

A lot of people advocate that the awarding of a certificate from a formal learning institute marks the end of his learning journey as he can then rely on the knowledge acquired in school to carve a niche  in society for the rest of his life. To me, I felt that the knowledge we have learnt in school only forms the foundation for our later adult life. In fact, learning never stops whether there are examinations to pass or not. Society is also moving on and improving and new things are invented and discovered every single day. Hence, if one stops learning, one will be left ‘standing’ at the point where he left school and not able to move on. The quality of his life and his future will likewise come to a standstill.

As such, adopting a positive learning attitude at all times is very important. As new products, services and work procedures are introduced in the workplace, we have to learn them readily to catch up with the pace of society or be left behind.

With the entry into the digital era, I was initially fazed by the many electronic gadgets such as smart phones, PDAs in the market and the constant email updates people do nowadays via 3G,4G or Wi-Fi networks on the go. As I learn to pick up this new game ball, I am now fascinated and even ‘addicted’ to this new way of communication and information delivery. Life is ever more enriching now with the many different types of computer games available in the market.  I would not be able to imagine how dull my life will be if I have resisted the learning and usage of this new technology.

I believe more and more new products, services, innovative methods of working and fresh ‘developments’ will be coming up from time to time and people who wants to stay tuned and survive in this big global community have to keep on learning to enrich their lives!


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