Life is a series of different examinations

We often heard of examinations as hurdles that our children face in school but many do not realise that we are taking examinations of different forms throughout our lives! After clearing the examinations in school to achieve the “graduate” status, we have a continuous string of different ‘life examinations’ to conquer.

Hence, it is crucial for schools to think about how they can be do less about preparing children for a life of tests and more about preparing them for the tests of life? In fact, it is not surprising that parents and educators are yearning for a new vision of education that is broader than academic accountability, that promotes the child’s development and wellbeing as a caring, happy and responsible adult with the skills necessary to solve the complex issues they will face later in life.”

As one steps into society, one will be continually tested at every stage of his/her life. Take for example social etiquettes such as dealing with different types of people you see everyday in the same neighbourhood, voicing out negative feedback or disapproval to other members in the community without offending them – something not officially tested in school but viewed as an expected social skill from every adult (an unprecedented ‘test’ to be learned and mastered as we advanced into other stages of our life). The act to skilfully mingle confidently and comfortably with people from all walks of life as we enter society assuming different roles as colleagues, friends, lover, spouse, parents and grandparents when we reach a different stage in our life cycle is an on-going examination for all of us.

In the corporate world, we have to withstand the tough tests and rigours of our chosen profession, be it doctors, lawyers or engineers. The numerous tests set by our employers, clients, service recipients and co-workers are never ending and we have to ”pass” these hurdles to maintain the status quo.

To keep up with advancement in technological developments, we have to adopt life-long learning and together with it comes a continuous string of examinations that test the effects of our learning. Although there may not be any official ”examination body” for these life skills, the results can be seen clearly in the way one apply these skills throughout one’s life and the way society accords success to each individual!

As one gets married, one has to withstand the test of fulfilling the role of a partner and spouse. Learning how to accommodate one another as two people of different background, status and habits choose to move on with their lives together and the results of this ”examination” will be the success of their marriage.

When we enter parenthood, another series of live tests await us and this time the ”examiner” is the little angel created and brought to the world by the combined efforts of the married couple. We learn to be parents, mentor, teacher, caregiver and set leading examples for the little ones. As such, our working professions in the corporate world are actually only subsets of the life models we set at home for our kids.

With the wealth of our learning experiences and the numerous techniques garnered over the years in tackling our life tests, parents can easily influence their children in their learning and emphasize to them the importance of retaining and continually applying the knowledge and wisdom they had accumulated throughout their lives from childhood to school days to adulthood and till the end of their life journey!

Hence, the correct attitude and approach we use to tackle our own life tests definitely will have a significant impact on our children and the way they handle the examinations that they are going through in school!


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