Effects of technology on our lives and learning

As we enter the electronic age with the widespread usage of smart phones, tablets and laptops, more learning channels are opened for continuous learning. To a certain extent, these electronic gadgets definitely made learning easier, more engaging and fun. It is simply amazing to see the transformation of these electronic products from their primary function as simple communication tools to include avenues for entertainment, banking, directory and navigation and learning purposes.

The most amazing of all is the Mobile Phone Revolution from the simple handheld telephone that enables one to make calls wherever you are to the sophisticated smart phone that can access the internet and equipped with additional capabilities like Bluetooth, Infra-red and GPS tracking functions. Some smart phones like the Samsung Note can even be used as a eReader to read ebooks on the go! What’s more, with easy access to free videos on YouTube, many people are also using their smart phones to watch movies or attend e-learning courses!

These technical gadgets are slowly but surely taking over yesteryears’ tools of learning such as the dictionary, street directory and translation manual! In some schools in Singapore, the conventional text books are now replaced by tablets like ipad with which more interactive lessons can be conducted both inside and outside the classroom. Schools which had yet to embrace eBooks also introduced e-learning sessions in the classroom to equip their students with basic computer skills and to make the lessons more interesting for them.

In last week’s parliament re-opening speech, the Singapore president, Mr Tony Tan Keng Yam also highlighted that the government will leverage technology to develop sustainable and innovative solutions to improve the lives of Singaporeans. Environment and Water Resources Minister, Mr Vivian Balakrishnan also reiterated that technology will be employed to make Singapore’s public services more responsive and citizen-centric.

The invasion of the smart phone into the lives of our modern city dwellers is taken to another new height with the widespread use of Mobile Banking with the latest break-through enabling people to transfer funds instantly via their mobile phones.

Other aspects of our everyday living being closely intertwined with technology are also on the rise. For example, it is already very common for people to book their movie tickets, air tickets and even medical appointments with their doctors electronically online without leaving the house!

Hence, I believe the quick invasion of technology into our lives will soon render anyone who does not embrace and pick up essential technical skills of digital living quick enough to be a nerd who will be left behind by this growing trend very soon!


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