Happy to learn VS Learn to be happy

Learning is a crucial part of our life. As no one is born to know everything, there is always things that one has yet to learn at any stage of our life. Hence, adopting the right attitude towards learning and keeping the learning spirit going has surely become essential skills for everyone.

To learn effectively, the learning process has to be spontaneous. Learning cannot be ‘forced’ or done with an ulterior motive in mind against one’s own free will. Should learning take place just to fulfil a pre-set objective (e.g. to pass examinations, to please our parents), it will lose its original meaning especially if the ‘learner’ subsequently ‘unlearn’ the information and have it ‘erased’ from his memory after his ”set objectives” are achieved. Hence, learning must be done in the correct perspective when the learner is in the right mindset, happy mood and adopts the correct attitude in order to achieve the best results.

How then can we deal with an unhappy person who wants to learn how to find happiness? Some critics may raise this controversial issue – Can being happy be learned? If so, how? Try this – Close your eyes, relax and imagine yourself to be a soul free to do anything you want, no responsibilities to shoulder, no worries for the next meal and no boss to answer to………you feel yourself flying up to heaven! – Happiness in its purest sense.

Learning to relax and to let go of worldly wants and unrealistic dreams and aspirations can be a trying process but it has to be done with a sincere heart and genuinely good intentions such as giving without expecting anything in return. Once a person can achieve this stage, he would have found happiness for himself. While this is not an easy process for anyone to achieve at short notice, it is definitely a possible and achievable one.

I personally believe that once a person succeeded in learning to find happiness for himself, his other learning journeys would all be a breeze to him!  And only when a person achieve this stage can he visualise the true meaning of learning and start to learn willingly and spontaneously to add value to his life!


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