Continuous Learning keeps us Relevant to Society


Life is never a standstill. The universe, the world, the people around us and even Mother Nature are always moving with the times. As such, Continuous Learning is the only way for us to keep up with the pace of society to remain relevant. I strongly believe that everyone should acquire new knowledge, upgrade their skills and develop new interests in life so as to ignite and reinforce their passion and love for their lives.

Hence, learning is one of the most important activity that gives meaning to our lives and the knowledge gained serve to add value to our lives and spur us to greater heights.

In the May Day message delivered by our Labour Chief, it was also emphasized that continuous learning, training and re-training throughout our working life is essential and crucial to sustain the economic growth of the nation. As far as the workers are concerned, it is a means to ensure continual employment and a weapon to fight structural unemployment by acquiring new skills to meet the changing needs of the ever-evolving economy to stay relevant to society.

Hence, continuous learning beyond our formal school days and first job are of utmost importance to anyone who wants to maintain a ‘foothold’ in society. If one stops learning and allows himself/herself to become obsolete in society, he/she will soon become ‘out of place’ and thus difficult to blend or even survive in the very place where he/she is born and breed.

As such, it is crucial for one to set learning as a compulsory goal in his/her life and adopts the correct learning attitude at all times. In my opinion, the best way to achieve this is to combine learning with one’s favourite activity or pastime so that it can be done seamlessly with our recreation and slowly become a natural part of our way of life. Needless to say, one of the best way to do so is through widespread READING!


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