Mind the little things in life and the choices we made

All of us only lead our lives once and are responsible for the outcome which is the result of the choices we make for ourselves. Very often, we are easily disheartened by little setbacks we encountered in our life journey and tend to overlook the little things we have done and achieved.

If we recall the things that we have done in the past, we will come to realise that before one big event comes into being, many hundreds and thousands of little things have already happened and some of these small events are actually the catalyst of those big events!

When I look back and reflect on my past actions, I realise that the little things that are happening in my life are actually the ones that contributes to the anticipation, enthusiasm, laughter, sorrow, anger and bewilderment that I have experienced throughout my life! Small memories like how my birthday is celebrated every year, the things I bought with my first pay check, the first word uttered by my son when he was a baby, the most precious gift I have received from my husband and the list goes on…

The problem is that many people treated those little things that happen throughout their lives as part and parcel of life and therefore does not think much of them. They only realise how important and significant these little things are until very much later, some of which cannot be re-enacted.

Hence, it is true that all of us should ‘Count Our Blessings’ as they happen as our life moves on and a collection of these blessings together shall form the “GIST” of our life, the one that makes our life so eventful, meaningful and beautiful.

Hey, everyone, cheer up and cherish every moment you have now before you regret it someday. These will form the fond memories in your mind for which you will enjoy recalling in your twilight years after you retire. The most important of all, of course, is to remember to relive only those positive and happy moments as happiness is a choice!

Take control of your life – Choose wisely and cherish the things you treasure regardless of whether they are big or small. You will come to realise one day when you sit down and look back that it were those life choices that you have made that determine your level of satisfaction, happiness and worthiness of your life!


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