Health and Wellness

Health is wealth. Without a healthy body, you would not be able to enjoy any of the other luxurious items you may have acquired. Simple pleasures such as savouring all the delicious food you can find and travelling round the world.

Our state of health can be divided into two portions: Physical Health and Mental Health. Having a healthy body with all our body organs functioning well is the state of physical health. A physically healthy person can sit, stand, run, jump and do whatever he/she wants with ease. Mental health, on the other hand refers to the health of our ‘brain’, our ability to think, control our emotions and make reasonable judgements to our everyday encounters. This is sometimes referred to as a state of ‘sound mind’.

With the rising health care costs in Singapore, many people laments that maintaining a healthy body is far more important than ‘pushing’ ourselves to work harder to make more money at the expense of our health by working long hours such as clocking 12 to 15 hours of work per day. Should our health take a turn for the worse due to lack of rest, all the extra money earned will go to feed the doctors and medical workers!

Our mental state of mind is also very crucial as ‘people of unsound mind’ are likely to be regarded as ‘outcasts of society’ and also comes with a hefty medical bill plus the stigma of a ‘mad medical record’. Hence, it is always good to constantly remind ourselves not to be too hard on ourselves, not to worry ourselves sick and keep a distance away from depression.

Maintaining a fit and balanced lifestyle is the key to having a healthy body. Having good nutrition in the food we eat, exercise regularly, rest well, participate actively in community activities are basic pre-requisites to observe.

In terms of mental health, one should always maintain a positive mindset, think positive, stimulate our brain cells by embracing life-long learning. Read extensively and stop worrying.

In my opinion, a person who is both physically and mentally fit and well is also one who has attained the greatest wealth, considering that ‘Health & Wellness’ cannot be measured or bought by dollars and cents.

Bruce up, everyone! Make “Health and Wellness” the top priority of your life by leading a well-balanced, fit and meaningful life with a positive mindset!


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