Life is a gift, cherish it!

Life is a gift

Life is a gift, cherish it! The world is such a beautiful place and we ought to thank god for bringing us here to enjoy the many wonderful things it has to offer!

I have always felt that it is a privilege to be alive and breathing when I wake up every morning to see the sun rising up from the east and a new day beginning.

Life is a giftThere is so much for us to learn, explore, enjoy and share with our loved ones and so much to be grateful of. Every life on earth is a wonderful story with their unique experiences and new inventions are created to improve the place we live in. For better or for worse, this world is what its inhabitants have made it out to be!

The entire universe is filled with living things, the trees, flowers, birds, fishes, elephants and tigers, humans and the list goes on and on …… Each one of these creatures mentioned has a life of its own and is enjoying every bit of their lives in their own way.

 Hence, all of us should be thankful for the opportunity to enter this beautiful world (earth planet) to see, hear, smell, touch and taste all the things made abundant for us which aren’t even available elsewhere on other planets (god knows!) Enjoy!



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