Dreams and Aspirations

To me, to have a dream of your own is a basic prerogative for a happy and meaningful life.  Without dreams and aspirations, life would become dull and meaningless.

My dream is to own a place, preferably an island that I can call my own and only people I know can come in, far away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Only tranquillity and peacefulness prevail in this little ‘kingdom’ of mine.

This dream homeland is going to be a self-sufficient place with its hospital, school, police station, padi fields and fruit orchards, car mechanics, petrol station and I dream on…..

My aspiration is to be ‘an angel’ who brings happiness to whoever I see, live and work with. In real life, this can be the caring nurse working in the nursing home or the understanding teacher who can comfort any little angels when they do not feel good!

Alas, dreams and aspirations are atone to all and may all of you have your own set to live a more fulfilling and happy life!


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