Attitude can affect one’s outlook and quality of life


Have you ever heard from human resource gurus at inspiring motivational seminars that the top A to acquire in life is ATTITUDE. Indeed, I share the same view too! I always believe that by adopting the correct, positive attitude in whatever we do, we would probably have won half the battle.

Life is full of changes. Everything around us changes at one time or another due to many factors. The most encouraging factor that I choose to identify is society’s progress or improvement brought about by new developments, new technological advancements and people’s perception of success and happiness.

Many a time, when we come across a ‘new task’ which we have not attempted previously, it is natural to feel the ‘anxiety’ and ‘uncertainty’ as we take it up to replace the ‘old, seasoned duty’ that we have been doing all these years without bating an eyelid. The attitude adopted by the individual in such cases is often the deciding factor of success and failure. The willingness to embrace new things and eagerness to acquire new skills will always put a person in good stead for future challenges.

Conversely, someone who prefer to ‘stick’ to what he adored as the “óld, established” way of doing things and choose to resist changes and ‘refused’ to learn new things will soon find himself being left out by modern progression and living in his own good past of yesteryears.

Hence, adopting the correct attitude towards life and learning is of paramount importance as this can make the difference between a happy and unhappy or successful or unsuccessful life.

A good attitude towards people and our living environment can also affect the quality of our life. If we can embrace life with an open mind and an open heart and not dwell on nitty gritty issues with people around us by sharing what we have with others, the world will be made a better place to live in too.

I am a firm believer that no one owes you a living, neither is anyone obliged to extend a helping hand to another human being in distress. The love and attitude is all in the mind and heart of the beholder. If one believes that the world is a huge community that comes into being because of the sharing and caring offered by a group of kind souls, one will naturally adopt this same attitude in his/her approach to life. If one enjoys the sharing experience and the returned of good Samaritans, their belief and attitude towards sharing will also be further enhanced.

Although not everyone encounters the same life experiences as others, someone who adopts a good attitude to life is more likely to be thankful for all the ‘good things’ he enjoys and less likely to ‘complain’ about the less fortunate events in his life but accept them as stepping stones in their learning journey to better appreciate life as an exciting expedition in which there are countless hidden treasures, waiting to be explored.


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